What is DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) and why it is important?

April 28, 2021
2 min
Kaisa Savola
CEO and Founder

You might have heard the term DEI, but what does it actually mean and why investing in DEI is important? In this post we briefly explain the terms and tell why considering these issues is important for your organization.

Diversity means that the organization and teams are diverse; built from a range of individuals (gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, language, educational, background etc.) appreciating each other.

Equity means that each employee is an individual, whose experiences, needs, and opportunities need to be acknowledged and appreciated. Employees have fair opportunities to work, develop and participate. Equity encourages and creates a practice of fair treatment and offers fair access to opportunities for all, despite of certain personal or physical characteristic.

Inclusion means creating understanding on what people need in policies, processes, physical spaces, and products to feel valued and included. Incorporate it into the work environment.

Investing in DEI is important for both the growth of the company and the well-being of its employees. DEI investments have many benefits like boosting creativity and company reputation, helping understand customers better, making employees feel respected and engaged and reducing employee turnover. Considering and investing in DEI issues could be seen as a requirement for 21st century companies.

Millenials and younger generations especially value companies and organizations that have a clear vision and strategy for DEI-related issues. In one survey by Deloitte 83% of millennials answered that they are more engaged when they believe their company has an inclusive culture and according to Glassdoor, 67% of job seekers rated the diverse workforce an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers.

Investing in DEI brings many benefits, so start improving your DEI-culture today. With tools like deicare you can get easily started. Deicare is the most cost-efficient and agile way to get a view of your current DEI situation and start improving based on feedback.


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